16-18 July 2018
Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, South Africa
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As African cities continue to grow, investors, financiers, and developers are increasingly interested in the opportunity. The potential impact of investment in housing is obvious. Good housing makes for good economies and healthy families, and the need is significant. Housing affordability continues to be the key challenge, on both the finance and construction side. How do we bring the cost of housing closer to the affordability of the market? The answers can be found along the entire housing value chain. The untapped opportunity in the affordable market is significant – if we delivered to the potential demand of households, who, in their current economies with existing finance could afford a US$7500 house, this would translate into 52 million houses across the continent. This generates almost US$400 billion of economic activity just with the construction. This is an important number around which policy makers, investors, lenders, and developers should focus their minds. What will it take?  

More concentrated efforts are needed to establish affordable housing and slum upgrading at the scales needed. 5th Annual Affordable Housing Africa comes at an opportune moment providing a platform for all key stakeholders to engage at a global level, mobilise partners to redefine the role of housing in today’s new urban agenda. Attend this event to examine the critical issues facing the housing industry, explore how the housing sector can grow in the context of an economic crisis and how to deliver more with less, thereby taking advantage of the unprecedented opportunities in this sector.  

5th Annual Affordable Housing Africa will create a one stop shop for all stakeholders to discuss and deliberate on the challenges facing them and brainstorm innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that are proven in the development of housing. This highly-interactive and information packed event will highlight case studies from some of the finest and at the same time provide an excellent networking platform for the public and private sectors, global professionals and industry leaders who are all directly involved with the growth and development of affordable housing, enabling Africa to take itself to the next stage of development.  

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